Sunday, May 13, 2012

A few new songs that make me happy.

A few new songs and an album

Imagine Dragons - "It's Time"
The Big Pink - "Hit the Ground (superman)"
Set Sail - "The Boat Song"
Frightened Rabbit - "The Loneliness"

Also, I am a huge fan of Mat Kearney's Music. He put out a new album a little while ago that I enjoy. Its called 'Young Love'

Mat Kearney - "Ships in the Night"

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Friday, February 24, 2012

I thought I deleted this blog

Guess not, RacerChaser asked me to add a song and to my surprise the blog is still here after a year and a half without posting. Maybe I will give it another shot. Hopefully I can get some more contributors this time around.

Here are some catch up suggestions.

"Sail" by AwolNation - thanks to Racer

"Turn Out the Lights" by The New Amsterdams - thanks to Benji

Thanks to Camillio:
Album: Future This by The Big Pink
"The Girl" by City & Colour
"Something Good Can Work" by Two Door Cinema Club
"Sleepy Head" by Passion Pit
"We Are Young" by Fun.

My Contributions:
"My Body" by Young the Giant
"The Haunting" by Anberlin
"Change of Seasons" by Sweet Thing
Also check out "Good Morning" by William Fitzsins (Pink Ganter Mix)

Reminder: Newest additions are at the bottom of the playlist

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some new punk, some old hip-hop

Here's a blast from the past. My wife was talking about getting some frozen yogurt then she used the words "lets get some fro' yo'" What clicked in my head was the line "My name is Hope yo" from Wyclef Jean's "Perfect Gentleman". As you can probably guess the song got stuck in my head so if any song deserves a posting lately its this.

Wyclef Jean - Perfect Gentleman

In the past I have posted about Against Me! and their song Thrash Unreal. Well, as I saw on Batchelors site Hating Every Minute, they have a new album and it has some good stuff on there.

Against Me! - I Was a Teenage Anarchist
(also check out "We're Breaking Up" if you can, its not on playlist)

After getting Relient K's latest, Forget and Not Slow Down, I liked alot of their tracks but you might this one:

Relient K - Savannah

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Never to late for some good new music....

I have been listening to a lot of Mat Kearney lately. I freaking love his album 'City of Black and White'. If you have heard Mat's earlier music you may recall that he would drop some rhymes in his songs which worked sometimes but not always. He has done away with that in this album. I have including the following two songs in the playlist but check the album out.

Mat Kearney - Runaway Car
Mat Kearney - City of Black & White

My wife introduced me to The Cribs recently and they have some catchy songs. Its as if Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, and The Strokes got together and created this little funky child.

The Cribs - Women's Needs
The Cribs - Men's Needs (Ironic, I know)

I liked the 30 Second to Mars album for a while but for the most part I got sick of the kids choir and the war lyrics. I still listen to the Search and Destroy track, try it out.

30 Seconds to Mars - Search and Destroy

As submitted by Racer Chaser:

Band of Horses - No Ones Gonna Love You

And finally, some new (atleast new to me) music suggested by Batchelor at HatingEveryMinute:

Cargo City - When I Sleep I Disappear
Reliant K - Candlelight
Frightened Rabbit - Head Rolls Off
Neon Trees - Animal (a local band, so you know)

Friday, December 11, 2009

End of the Year Challenge

Name your top 5 albums from 2009. If you don't have 5 just name as many as you want.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December - Week 1

A few new jingles I heard on Alt Nation

Jupiter One - Countdown
Band of Skulls - Friends
Phoenix - Lisztomania
Social Distortion - Don't Take Me For Granted

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November - Week 4

A few bands revisited this week. On the drive home from Seattle I was reminded of how much I love Alkaline Trio. They always get me moving with their aggressive riffs and lyrics.And I truly appreciate any band that does well live with three members.

Alkaline Trio- We've Had Enough (f-bomb warning)
Alkaline Trio - Help Me (a little more poppy)

Also I am revisiting my instrumental style music phase. Which includes Pinback and Sigur Ros.  Pinback is a little more mainstream but Sigur Ros is from Iceland which probably explains why their music is so far out there.

Pinback - Penelope
Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla (also check out Svefn-G-Englar)

No contributions this last week so tuff, you only get mine.