Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Never to late for some good new music....

I have been listening to a lot of Mat Kearney lately. I freaking love his album 'City of Black and White'. If you have heard Mat's earlier music you may recall that he would drop some rhymes in his songs which worked sometimes but not always. He has done away with that in this album. I have including the following two songs in the playlist but check the album out.

Mat Kearney - Runaway Car
Mat Kearney - City of Black & White

My wife introduced me to The Cribs recently and they have some catchy songs. Its as if Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, and The Strokes got together and created this little funky child.

The Cribs - Women's Needs
The Cribs - Men's Needs (Ironic, I know)

I liked the 30 Second to Mars album for a while but for the most part I got sick of the kids choir and the war lyrics. I still listen to the Search and Destroy track, try it out.

30 Seconds to Mars - Search and Destroy

As submitted by Racer Chaser:

Band of Horses - No Ones Gonna Love You

And finally, some new (atleast new to me) music suggested by Batchelor at HatingEveryMinute:

Cargo City - When I Sleep I Disappear
Reliant K - Candlelight
Frightened Rabbit - Head Rolls Off
Neon Trees - Animal (a local band, so you know)

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