Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some new punk, some old hip-hop

Here's a blast from the past. My wife was talking about getting some frozen yogurt then she used the words "lets get some fro' yo'" What clicked in my head was the line "My name is Hope yo" from Wyclef Jean's "Perfect Gentleman". As you can probably guess the song got stuck in my head so if any song deserves a posting lately its this.

Wyclef Jean - Perfect Gentleman

In the past I have posted about Against Me! and their song Thrash Unreal. Well, as I saw on Batchelors site Hating Every Minute, they have a new album and it has some good stuff on there.

Against Me! - I Was a Teenage Anarchist
(also check out "We're Breaking Up" if you can, its not on playlist)

After getting Relient K's latest, Forget and Not Slow Down, I liked alot of their tracks but you might this one:

Relient K - Savannah

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