Sunday, May 13, 2012

A few new songs that make me happy.

A few new songs and an album

Imagine Dragons - "It's Time"
The Big Pink - "Hit the Ground (superman)"
Set Sail - "The Boat Song"
Frightened Rabbit - "The Loneliness"

Also, I am a huge fan of Mat Kearney's Music. He put out a new album a little while ago that I enjoy. Its called 'Young Love'

Mat Kearney - "Ships in the Night"

Have some songs to suggest? Just click on the comment link below

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  1. Love this whole album.

    Of Mice & Men - My Head Is An Animal (Album)
    Top Songs:
    Dirty Paws
    Slow & Steady

    Matt Skiba & The Sekrets - Baylon (Album) - One of the lead singers for Alkaline Trio. Love the whole album, hard to pick one song.