Friday, November 13, 2009

November - Week 2

Its good to see some contributions. Let get some more.
* does not seem to have many of these this week so I may have added some other songs from these bands to the playlist.

From me -
JayZ and Coldplay - The Reverse Mix (from Viva La Hova)

Thanks to Chase-
Band of Horses - The Funeral

 Thanks to Kraig-
Motion City Soundtrack - Disappear click here
Valencia -  Holiday   &   All At Once

Thanks to Camanda (and to prove that I will bite my tongue and not be bias)
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

I do however enjoy the Kid Cudi cover of poker face...
Kid Cudi - Make Her Say

1 comment:

  1. I agree on Band of Horses. Great song and the whole album is really good too. My suggestion is the band fun. and their song Walking The Dog. fun. is Nate from The Format's new band and they're amazing.