Sunday, February 22, 2009

4th Week of February

Acres of Lions: (Just discovered them and love 'em already)
- Closer
- Knowing your Own End
- This Was Not My Best Day Ever
Shiny Toy Guns:
- Frozen Oceans
- Turned to Real Life

1 comment:

  1. Sometime around Midnight is a bloody amazing song! That band shows some great promise, but the rest of that album was a little weak for me.
    Crawl is one of only 2 songs on that new Kings of Leon album that I didn't like, but the rest of the album SIMPLY BLEW ME AWAY! Never been huge into KoL, but I can't say enough about their latest album. Absolutely incredible!

    I also came across a band called White Lies and I am super impressed, and the newest Jack's Mannequin cd is also quite good. Just a few suggestions.

    Impressed with Shiny Toy Guns, great sound. I'm going to check them out.